Studio Ghibli and Disney?

A Disney theme park designer has released an idea that he has created for the Studio Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro.

Before you read this, I highly recommend you watch this movie if you haven’t already. It’s a super cute animation film about two sisters discovering a forest home to magical creatures.


Artist John Ramirez, who has worked on various Disney movies created this idea for a ride that would be based off of the Studio Ghibli movie. In the ride, you would sit in a giant acorn and go through various scenes from the movie. The ride highlights the best parts of the film.


Personally, I am extremely impressed with this design. If you’re a big fan of amusement parks, you will know that some rides feature some very impressive technology. Take the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, for example. The special effects they use give the illusion of floating and disappearing objects in the ride. It looks like if this is going to be an actual ride, similar effects will be used. In fact, the acorn buggies in this concept look extremely similar to the “doom buggies” used in the Haunted Mansion ride.


While this ride is simply just an idea right now, it looks like it could be a reality in the future. Ramirez has stated that he has talked to Hayao Miyazaki, director for Studio Ghibli, and asked multiple times about having Disney build this ride somewhere. While there is no definite answer yet, Ramirez is not dropping the idea. Who knows, maybe there will be a Studio Ghibli theme park created soon!


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