The Benefits of Learning a New Language

We all know that taking at least two years of a foreign language is a graduation requirement. Although learning a new language should be exciting, language classes (especially when they are mandatory) can often feel repetitive and monotonous. After all, you just want a good grade, right? Is there anything more to language class than just meeting the requirements? Whether you’re taking Spanish, French, or Latin, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You never know when you might actually use the new language you’re learning.  

In a few years, you might be on a business trip in Argentina. Maybe your future spouse’s family speaks fluent French.  Knowing at least a basic amount of the language you are learning could make a huge difference. Life is unpredictable. The more you know, the more prepared you are.

  • Being bilingual looks excellent on your resume.

Whether you’re applying for a job or university, being bilingual (or trilingual, etc.) can help you stand out. Learning a language takes time and effort, and colleges and employers know that. Being able to speak multiple languages indicates that you are a hard worker and that you take your education seriously.

  • It’s great for your brain.

According to TIME Magazine, “New studies are showing that a multilingual brain is nimbler, quicker, better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and even resist Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia longer.” Even if you’re not planning to major in linguistics or study abroad, learning a new language can strengthen your brain and improve your grades, health, and life.

If you’re interested in learning a new language on your own, here are some FREE online resources to help you get started!:









Kluger, Jeffrey. “How the Brain Benefits From Being Bilingual.” Time. Time, 18 July 2013. Web. 05 Mar. 2017.

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