New West Celebrates Persian New Year

On March 15, New West families celebrated Nowruz, or Persian New Year. Parents came together to share traditional dishes and Persian culture with the staff members.


Between March 20 and March 21, Iranians all over the world will be celebrating Nowruz. During this time, Iranian families reunite to eat food, share gifts, and have fun. One of the most essential aspects of this celebration is the haft seen, where several symbolic objects such as colored eggs, sabzi (sprouts), fish, and flowers are placed on a decorated table.


One of the most exciting things about Nowruz is that there will be plenty of scrumptious food available. For dinner, Iranians may be enjoying sabzi polo and mahi (herb rice with fish) or other traditional dishes such as kookoo sabzi, khoresht gheymeh, and ash.


Nowruz Mubarak!


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