Hit the Chank with Biscotti: The International Woman


Calling all international women and hitters of the chank: this past January, rapper and songwriter Biscotti dropped the music video for her iconic track, “Hit the Chank”. Biscotti—Harvard University student, former Editor-in-Chief of New West Press, and internet sensation—shares her thoughts and inspirations in this exclusive interview with the Press.


New West Press: What are some artists that you admire or that have influenced you?

Biscotti: Nicki Minaj is definitely one of Biscotti’s biggest inspirations. She is the best rapper in the game right now. She tells it like it is. She’s real, raw, authentic. She knows she’s the boss and the attitude or mentality Nicki brings to the table is something Biscotti tries to do.

NWP: What was your inspiration behind the name Biscotti?

Biscotti: I was eating a Biscotti and then I knew.

NWP: Are you working on anything new right now?

Biscotti: Nothing I am allowed to discuss…

NWP: When did you start your musical career?

Biscotti: Biscotti’s musical career started at New West. It was there that she felt the need to rap and truly embrace the call.

NWP: If you could do a collaboration with any artist out there, who would be your dream pick?

Biscotti: Lil Dicky. Actually, no. Sophia Grace. “Best Friends” by Sophia Grace is a banger and if Biscotti could collab with her, the game would be done. We’d kill it.

NWP: What does it mean to be an international woman?

Biscotti: So many things. It means that Biscotti transcends borders. It means that she is everywhere and belongs everywhere. Beyond that, it’s such a feminist statement to say “I’m an international woman,” because it shows that Biscotti is a hustler who is proud to be a woman.

NWP: Where did you produce your most recent track, “Hit the Chank”?

Biscotti: In a trap house in East LA.

NWP: Do you have any fashion icons? If so, who are they?

Biscotti: Joanne the Scammer. Biscotti live for that fur coat.

NWP: Do you have a message you would like to share to with your fellow women out there?

Biscotti: Scam. Hustle. Be authentic. Travel and hit the chank.

NWP: What do you drink with your biscotti?

Biscotti: Mostly tea.

NWP: Are you a one chain or a two chains woman?

Biscotti: Three chains.

NWP: Rumor has it you have beef with the Teriyaki Boiz. Is this true? When is the diss track coming out?

Biscotti: No comment.


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