How to Build Character

..According to Lilou Redon.

Building character is difficult and growth often comes slowly. If you are unsure of how to  develop your character, follow these simple 15 steps:

  1. Survive Junior year.
  2. Accidentally stumble into a fist fight and maybe get hit in the face.
  3. Work in a field picking apples.
  4. Be vegan for a month.
  5. Jump off the Venice pier and live to tell the tale.
  6. Wear shoes that are too small for a full day.
  7. Eat beets.
  8. Get a tooth removed and scream even if it doesn’t hurt.
  9. Volunteer with elementary school kids.
  10. Give your dog away.
  11. Witness a Trump presidency.
  12. Listen to a poem about Pluto written by your astronomy professor.
  13. Drop your camera and shed a tear as the lense cracks.
  14. Fall off a skateboard and damage your knee so that it is permanently numb.
  15. Build a shelf (still in progress).

Disclaimer: I jumped off the Venice pier legally.

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