New West Dancers Await Spring Concert

Dance students at New West are currently preparing for the dance concert on May 13. The concert, titled It Isn’t Over Til We Say It’s Over, will feature thrilling performances choreographed by students and teachers. The performance will take place at Santa Monica High School in Barnum Hall.

In order for the concert to be a success, students must practice dancing for hours with diligence and accuracy. While most of the practicing occurs during class, there are days when students must practice their dances outside of school. Wednesday was one of those days. Dance students gathered after school in their dance costumes to practice dancing in the order that they would appear on stage. Students cheered as they watched their peers perform and provided feedback if necessary.

Anna K., a junior who is passionate about dance, expressed her excitement for the concert this Saturday. “I’m excited to perform on stage so that the audience can see what we’ve learned all year.” She said.

According to dance students, the songs and styles will be different this year, but the concert will maintain the traditional process that has been used for previous years. However, some seniors suggest that there will be a surprise in the finale. Dance styles included in this year’s concert will be jazz, hip-hop, and ballet.

Tickets will be available for sale at the door for $15, but they will be $5 cheaper if they are pre-ordered. Please see Coach Clark to pre-order tickets.

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