Discover LA: B.S. Taqueria

Los Angeles may be short on water, but it’s certainly not short on taco places. For Angelenos looking for a new taco restaurant, I recommend B.S. Taqueria on 7th Street in Downtown L.A. Chef Ray Garcia takes an untraditional approach to tacos, drawing his inspiration from Los Angeles culture.  If you’re looking for a new twist on tacos, gender neutral restrooms, and a millennial hotspot, this is the place for you.  

The servers are affable and are more than willing to explain the unusual ingredient combinations on the menu. The prickly pear and coconut pineapple agua frescas were both refreshing drinks to counterbalance the spicier dishes like the chorizo y papas taco. The chicken tacos were exceptional and the fish tacos were perfectly fried but rather heavy on the sauce. Just about every dish I tasted had a kick, including the rice and beans. When the rice and beans arrived on our table, they were almost unrecognizable since they were served in a paper bag.  Unlike traditional rice and beans, the chef used wild rice, garbanzo beans, and butter beans. The server informed us that they cook the rice to be crispy by tossing it into a pan of hot oil. My personal favorite was the mole fries topped with a sprinkling of cotija cheese.

For dessert, the churros and tres leche cake were phenomenal. The churros were hot, fresh, and soft in the middle unlike traditional crispy churros. They were paired perfectly with a delectable chocolate sauce with a touch of chile spice. The tres leche cake–made with heavy cream, condensed milk, and whole milk–was moist and dense with a light meringue frosting. Although the other dishes on the menu are filling, it would be a mistake to skip dessert at this restaurant.

Check out the full menu for B.S. Taqueria here.



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