MUN is Fun

On October 14th, a delegation of sixteen New West students represented the country of Egypt at Cerritos High School’s annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference. As members of New West’s MUN Club, students participate in local and national conferences to create solutions for the many problems facing our world today. Topics debated at this year’s Cerritos conference included the South China Sea dispute, child soldiers, climate change, nuclear waste management, and food insecurity in the Horn of Africa.

Congratulations goes to our Award of Excellence winners: Ava Lifton, Scarlett Royal, Max Bross, Adam Horwitz, and Shaadi Ahmadzadeh.  Michael Barash won the most points out of all New West students in attendance, coming in 4th place in his UNDP committee on the topic of slums.

DSC_0051Participation in MUN requires confidence and skill in public speaking, compromising, writing, and thinking critically about solutions. Prior to the conference date, delegates must complete extensive research on their country, topic, and UN committee in preparation for delivering informative speeches and writing resolutions papers. In real life, the United Nations passes resolutions to form concrete steps toward fixing a problem that the world faces, such as capital punishment, nuclear proliferation, HIV and AIDS, or the displacement of refugees.  In MUN, delegates create their own resolutions with legitimate solutions by working with other nations to simulate the UN’s multilateral agreements.

By joining MUN and participating in conferences, club members gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the various crises in the world and how the UN works to fix them.DSC_0080


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