Review: Cauldron Ice Cream

This October in Los Angeles has been hot, and to beat the heat, why not eat some ice cream from a chic and modern witches’ brew? Cauldron Ice Cream’s second location that just opened in September is located in Artesia, California and is a rather far “broomstick flight” from West Los Angeles, but their smooth and creamy scoops are perfect when you’re in the mood for a spooky treat!

Cereal & Milk flavor in red velvet puffle cone

Cauldron Ice Cream was founded in 2015 during the peak of liquid nitrogen-based ice creamery openings, but unlike the other brands that failed as the fad became less popular, Cauldron has blossomed into an Orange County and social media phenomenon, with mentions in widely recognized news and media outlets such as the Huffington Post and People Magazine. Cauldron Ice Cream’s claim to fame are their soft “puffle cones.” Inspired by the Hong Kong street food sweet egg waffles come Cauldron’s puffle cones, which are described as “the cutest edible bubble wrap” by Cosmopolitan Magazine. These cones come in three flavors: original (regular sweet waffle), churro (regular waffle with warm cinnamon), and red velvet (red velvet batter waffle). Each puffle cone comes with a medium scoop of a flavor of your choosing, as well as a “themed” topping (example: Milk & Cereal flavor with cornflake topping) for $6.75. Of course the puffle cone is optional (but highly recommended), as they have cups and sugar cones as vessels for your icy treat. Cauldron knows that a huge component to eating is documenting that meal on every social media platform, so they will shape your ice cream scoop into a rose, free of charge! But Cauldron also knows that the taste of their ice cream is the real reason customers return, and Cauldron’s ice cream delivers.

small scoop of Strawberry Shortcake

Their Cereal & Milk flavor is true to its name as the smooth texture of the sweet cream base flavor blends with the sugary taste of the cornflakes. The Strawberry Shortcake is a rich strawberry ice cream with chunks of crumbly shortcake pieces. The Double Shot Chocolate is not for the faint of heart as it is flavorful with notes of heavy, dark cocoa. The Cauldron namesake flavor is a delectable cookies and cream with Oreo cookie chunks surrounded by a rich cinnamon vanilla ice cream. Cauldron has a rotating menu of flavors that alternate every month. Whatever the current month or season, you can count on Cauldron Ice Cream to serve only the best quality of creamy frozen treats.

Cauldron Ice Cream namesake flavor in churro puffle cone

Visit the Cauldron Ice Cream website here.

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