Review on “Us”: Jordan Peele’s Latest Horror Movie Views A Horrifying New Reality

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Jordan Peele, Director of 2016’s thrilling and suspenseful movie Get Out, just released a movie that questions our psychology and the trust we have in others. Us is about a seemingly average family who spend their summer vacation in Santa Cruz, and are soon confronted and attacked by people called “The Tethered.” “The Tethered” are doppelgangers that resemble living citizens, but have a darker background and disturbed personalities. I’ve seen all the trailers for this movie, and just like the American review-aggregator website “Rotten Tomatoes,” I have to give Us a 96% approval rating. I enjoyed the acting of Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia in 2018’s Black Panther), who plays the film’s protagonist Adelaide Wilson, and the antagonist “Red.” I could tell you more about the movie and who stars in it… but nobody likes a spoiler. You’ll just have to go and see it yourself!  


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