New West Blood Drive 2019

Last Friday, September 20th, New West’s Red Cross Club held a blood drive! The drive was held in the high school common area throughout the day. Eligible students and teachers alike participated by donating their blood for a good cause. In addition to providing life-saving blood, donors also received a participation sticker and a New West approved T-shirt. The New West Press interviewed Senior Red Cross Club leader Tiffany Hong:

NW Press: Why did you join the Red Cross Club?

Tiffany: At the start of junior year, I was struggling to find a place where I really fit in. During Club Day, I made it my goal to find a club that not only pertained to my interests, but also made me feel welcome, and Red Cross was the one!

NW Press: Do you encourage students to give blood, if so why?

Tiffany: At the Red Cross, we encourage students to help their community in any way they can, whether it’s by installing fire alarms in low-income neighborhoods or by donating blood; an act of kindness can never be too big or too small. Specifically, donating blood is one of the most inspiring ways to help our community because we are literally giving a part of ourselves away to help those in need.

NW Press: How much blood did New West donate during this year’s blood drive?

Tiffany: The New West blood drive was able to collect 35 units of blood including 6 Power Reds! Thanks to our donors, staff, families, and volunteers, we were able to save up to 105 lives!

NW Press: If a student wants to give blood after New West’s drive, where should they go?

Tiffany: Students, families, and staff interested in donating blood in the future should go to and find the nearest upcoming blood drive near you. Also, look out for future New West Blood Drives!

NW Press: How does the donated blood get used?

Tiffany: The donated blood is used for a variety of things. Patients in an accident, experiencing traumas, or going through constant medical procedures all use the blood donated. It’s also important to note that the donated blood can only go into certain people, it all depends on your blood type. Also, what’s really cool about the blood you donated is that you can see where it ends up!

Junior donor Stefan Koyadinovich
Teacher donor Señor Ayers
Senior donor Donna Harrel

Thank you to everyone who donated blood or helped with the drive! Just for fun, the New West Press has created an online blood type quiz. It is not a true test to determine one’s blood type, but it is entertaining. You can access it here.

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