Where I’m From

I am from paired socks, 

from hair dryers and warm towels.

I am from the fingerprints left on the front window —

waxy, misplaced, streaks of identity.

I am from the palm trees

the sunsets

That brighten the sky with yellows and purples

like healing bruises.

I’m from ice cream and mechanical pencils,

from sister and cousins.

I’m from the honest

and the revealed

from Apply Sunscreen! And Bring your keys!

I’m from Easter Services

with long homilies 

and aching knees.

I’m from Pretty in Pink and Sesame Street,

baked bread and chilled milk.

From dripping candles,

the prayers lifted once the fire is burned.

Relaxed by the basement staircase,

single light bulb switched,

through released dust,

escaping through the opening of cabinets.

I am from times

where I am loved.

Inspiration: “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon.

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