Ode to Strawberries

Little strawberries, Precious rubies of red, Forget your worries On your flower bed. Freckled with beads, Some call them seeds.   Drowned in the raindrops, Tangled by weeds, We discard your tops, You're teased for your seeds. Don't worry, don't fret There's hope for you yet.   Despite all your troubles, Despite your odd features, … Continue reading Ode to Strawberries


The History of Archie Comics

The new hit show, Riverdale, has gained a wide fan base. This CW show is prepared to start its second season on October 11. Its ominous story lines, stellar acting, and riveting plot make it a standout in the world of television. Despite the show’s contemporary themes, its origins lie 70 years in the making … Continue reading The History of Archie Comics