Conquer Senioritis (The Playlist)

Senioritis.  A word repeated throughout the halls of high schools, observed by teachers, and disliked by parents.  Many students experience senioritis, an apparent disease that causes students to lose all motivation to excel in school, get those stellar grades, and have a perfect attendance record.  After turning in all college applications and finishing the first semester … Continue reading Conquer Senioritis (The Playlist)


Review: Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”

I wouldn't say I ever went through a "Bieber fever" phase, nor did I really enjoy Justin Bieber's earlier music, but less than a week ago, Bieber released his fourth album, Purpose, and his songs have been on repeat on the radio since November 13th.  In this album, we get to hear a more mature side of Justin as … Continue reading Review: Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”

Starbucks: Holiday Specialty Drinks

It's now that time of the year for wearing sweaters, decorating for the holidays, and drinking the popular holiday drinks from Starbucks. Starbucks, a well-known coffeehouse has its annual tradition of selling delicious holiday flavored drinks. There are many specialty drinks to chose from, including: eggnog, caramel brûlée, gingerbread, and peppermint mocha. This year, they … Continue reading Starbucks: Holiday Specialty Drinks