Club Day 2019-2020

Club Day was held this Friday, September 13th! Club Day is an annual event where students set up booths in the school yard advertising their clubs to their peers. This year, 64 clubs participated in the event. Out on the blacktop, students had the opportunity to join as many clubs as their hearts desired (or … Continue reading Club Day 2019-2020

The History of Valentine’s Day

When February rolls around each year, one is always reminded of a certain romantic holiday in the middle of the month: Valentine’s Day. Each person has a different notion regarding Valentine’s Day. Maybe they feel their heart go fuzzy upon hearing the holiday’s name, or maybe they are filled with a sense of dread and … Continue reading The History of Valentine’s Day

Review: Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade

If you were to log onto from ten years ago, your recommendations would be filled with videos by a content creator named Bo Burnham. Burnham’s viral videos with titles such as, “i’m bo yo.” and “Rehab Center for Fictional Characters” were famous in the online community. Burnham wrote and performed witty and clever songs … Continue reading Review: Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade