Investigating the Problematic Nature of ‘Hoverboards’

Hoverboards: The Newest Addition to Douchebag Culture, Or a Trend for the General Public? To understand this weird fad, let’s go back to the beginning. The original name of this product was the Smart S1, and it was debuted by a Chinese company in August of 2014. Since then, about a million different companies have … Continue reading Investigating the Problematic Nature of ‘Hoverboards’

Empire Mid-Season Finale Review

WARNING: This article contains spoilers concerning last week’s episode of Empire. Do not read on if you wish to watch this glorious piece of television for yourself. Last Wednesday, Empire’s mid-season finale aired, and millions of fans across the country were devastated. Not only because we won’t be jamming to any new toe-tapping tunes by Jussie … Continue reading Empire Mid-Season Finale Review

Easter: A Day For Jesus, Resurrection… and Bunnies?

By Angelica Means and Nicole Mendoza Yesterday, millions of people all over the world celebrated Easter. It is always a very festive day, full of food, joy, and eggs stuffed with candy… laid by a magical rabbit? Where did that come from? Why is there an Easter Bunny running around leaving gifts for children, acting … Continue reading Easter: A Day For Jesus, Resurrection… and Bunnies?