Panthers’ Chance of Going Perfect

The Carolina Panthers have a great chance of going perfect in the 2015-2016 NFL season. They have been destroying teams this season and are 13-0. Their recent victim was the Atlanta Falcons, who they beat 38-0. Cam Newton is almost a lock in for the MVP this year as he has led this team to … Continue reading Panthers’ Chance of Going Perfect

Week 5 NFL Review

Who would’ve thought that the NFC South would be the toughest division this season? Up to this point, they have been. The Atlanta Falcons are 5-0 and the Carolina Panthers are 4-0. The Falcons, with the help of Devonta Freeman, have been simply manhandling teams. The Panthers, without any notable receivers, have relied on Cam … Continue reading Week 5 NFL Review

Deserved All-Stars Given the Cold Shoulder

The NBA All-Star game this year will have plenty of solid candidates left out. But first, lets start with the players who actually made the team. Western Conference Starters Guard: Stephen Curry Guard: Kobe Bryant (injured and will be replaced) Forward: Anthony Davis Forward: Blake Griffin Forward: Marc Gasol Eastern Conference Starters Guard: John Wall … Continue reading Deserved All-Stars Given the Cold Shoulder

NFL Divisional Round and Super Bowl Predictions

Playoff Games: Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos In the first matchup, it seems fair to say that New England will come out on top despite the Ravens previous success against them. The Ravens did beat both the Patriots … Continue reading NFL Divisional Round and Super Bowl Predictions