Want a Grey Day? Come to New West Charter

Note from the Editor: This is a comical, opinion piece that does not reflect the opinions of New West Charter or New West Press.  Schools have many different reasons for why uniforms are beneficial. Uniforms equalize the disparities in socio economic status. Uniforms keep students focused on education rather than their attire. Uniforms force students … Continue reading Want a Grey Day? Come to New West Charter

Things That Make No Sense

Disclaimer from the Editor: facts and figures cited in this article were most likely created from the mind of Noah Kastenbaum.  There are a plethora of things that make no sense. I am going to describe the most annoying. This is a cautionary post to help rid the world of these non-sensical things. Why do grades … Continue reading Things That Make No Sense

Why Calling it ‘Football’ was NOT CHILL

American football was derived from Rugby in the late 1860’s. Fútbol however has been around for thousands of years. Fútbol’s primitive form began to take shape in the third and second centuries BC. It was originally played by kicking a leather ball through a small hole. Fútbol began to truly take shape and gain some … Continue reading Why Calling it ‘Football’ was NOT CHILL