MUN is Fun

On October 14th, a delegation of sixteen New West students represented the country of Egypt at Cerritos High School’s annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference. As members of New West’s MUN Club, students participate in local and national conferences to create solutions for the many problems facing our world today. Topics debated at this year’s … Continue reading MUN is Fun


The Sound of Silence

There are many parallels between the recent French and American presidential elections.  Like Hillary Clinton, the French president Emmanuel Macron had his emails hacked.  In addition, Macron ran against Marine Le Pen, France’s far-right candidate who is comparable to Donald Trump. However, one of the most striking differences in the two elections--besides the outcomes--is France’s … Continue reading The Sound of Silence

Hit the Chank with Biscotti: The International Woman

Calling all international women and hitters of the chank: this past January, rapper and songwriter Biscotti dropped the music video for her iconic track, “Hit the Chank”. Biscotti---Harvard University student, former Editor-in-Chief of New West Press, and internet sensation---shares her thoughts and inspirations in this exclusive interview with the Press.   New West Press: What are … Continue reading Hit the Chank with Biscotti: The International Woman

Earth Day Feature: The Father of Our National Park System

This week (April 15-23) marks National Park Week, where the National Park Service---dubbed “America’s Best Idea”---offers free admission to all national parks across the country. This Saturday (April 22nd) also marks Earth Day, so there’s no better way to celebrate our planet than to spend time in the great outdoors---and for free.   One of … Continue reading Earth Day Feature: The Father of Our National Park System