Why We Are All Philosophers

Philosophy. What is the value of this demanding academic subject? Sure, it may be interesting at times. But why would anyone consider studying, or worse, majoring in philosophy? That would be a financial death sentence. Proficiency in philosophy requires a wide range of academic skills from critical thinking and reasoning to literary analysis. Developing these … Continue reading Why We Are All Philosophers


Hit the Chank with Biscotti: The International Woman

Calling all international women and hitters of the chank: this past January, rapper and songwriter Biscotti dropped the music video for her iconic track, “Hit the Chank”. Biscotti---Harvard University student, former Editor-in-Chief of New West Press, and internet sensation---shares her thoughts and inspirations in this exclusive interview with the Press.   New West Press: What are … Continue reading Hit the Chank with Biscotti: The International Woman