Griffin Wells Wins Mile Relay in Crocs

Last week in Coach Campbell’s PE classes, students participated in the Eagle Challenge. The Eagle Challenge was a week long series of events that teams of students took part in. The challenges included planks, push ups, frog leaps, and wall sits. Each class was divided up into teams, and each team member participated in one event. … Continue reading Griffin Wells Wins Mile Relay in Crocs

Could College be Free?

One of the largest topics for debate in national politics is college affordability. It’s on the minds of high school kids across the country--and rightfully so. The top three most expensive universities in the United States are Harvey Mudd College, Columbia University, and New York University, each costing just shy of $70,000 (room and board … Continue reading Could College be Free?

Bernie Sanders: A Timeline

“Sanders' ideal revolution would cut military spending at least by 50 percent over the next five years, raise the taxes of the rich, institute a national health-care system, develop a third political party that represents the poor and middle-class, overhaul campaign financing and improve protection of the environment.” This quote was taken from a Chicago … Continue reading Bernie Sanders: A Timeline

Bernie Slays And Trump Is Still Trump In New Hampshire Primary

On February 9, 2016, the New Hampshire Primary occurred. Let’s start with breaking down the winners: unsurprisingly, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the clear winners of the New Hampshire primary. Bernie Sanders became the first Jewish person to win a primary. Donald Trump became the first person at 69 years old to still take … Continue reading Bernie Slays And Trump Is Still Trump In New Hampshire Primary