The Economics of Human Behavior

When most people think of economics, the first things that come to mind are supply and demand, businesses, taxes, and the global economy. While these are all critical subjects of study in the broader field of economics, they may initially appear somewhat bland. What is less widely understood about economics is that it is primarily … Continue reading The Economics of Human Behavior


Holiday Book Recommendations

Are you in need of gift ideas for this holiday season? Look no further! Books are excellent gifts. They’re entertaining, educational, and easy to wrap. Here are some sensational books that are fit for every reader--from mystery lovers to fans of fantasy. Rooftops of Tehran by Mahbod Seraji  (for: romance lovers, people with a passion for … Continue reading Holiday Book Recommendations

Controversy over Sunday Night Football

Putting your hand over your heart, standing and listening to the National Anthem is a pre-game tradition in all professional sports, for fans and players alike. Recently, however, this age-old ritual came under fire when an NFL player opted to buck the tradition and protest. The ensuing brouhaha spread to other players, effectively drew the … Continue reading Controversy over Sunday Night Football