The Sound of Silence

There are many parallels between the recent French and American presidential elections.  Like Hillary Clinton, the French president Emmanuel Macron had his emails hacked.  In addition, Macron ran against Marine Le Pen, France’s far-right candidate who is comparable to Donald Trump. However, one of the most striking differences in the two elections--besides the outcomes--is France’s … Continue reading The Sound of Silence


Bernie Sanders: A Timeline

“Sanders' ideal revolution would cut military spending at least by 50 percent over the next five years, raise the taxes of the rich, institute a national health-care system, develop a third political party that represents the poor and middle-class, overhaul campaign financing and improve protection of the environment.” This quote was taken from a Chicago … Continue reading Bernie Sanders: A Timeline

#TrumperTantrum: Why It’s Important to Follow Trump on Twitter

The first caucus of the 2016 Presidential race took place Monday, February 1st in Iowa. It was an extremely tight race for the candidates. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were neck and neck for the majority of the night until Clinton pulled ahead with 49.9%, just over Sanders’s 49.6%. Martin O’Malley lagged behind with 0.5%. In … Continue reading #TrumperTantrum: Why It’s Important to Follow Trump on Twitter